What does my Subscription provide?

In 2020 we introduced the End-of-Life Guide for Expats at $25.00 for full site access to the Guide and Editable Forms. We are pleased to maintain this price through to December 31, 2023 for your Platinum Membership valid for two year from your date of registration. We recommend that you download the Guide and all the editable forms soon after you register. They will form the basis for your personal End of Life Plan. You will be able to start preparing your plan, execute the documents, such as your Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare and Finance and Last Will and Testament, etc., revise and add-to your plan from time to time. Members who join during this period will enjoy full services for a period of two years from date of joining.

Do I have to renew my Membership?

We want you to maintain your membership after the initial two years. And we will do our best to provide value to ensure your continued participation. We will provide periodic updates and plan to add new services from time to time including a secure "Digital Vault" for online storage of your complete personal plan.

By joining My Living Footprints you are making an important start toward developing your end of life plan. But your plan is not static, it will change as your situation changes and as the law evolves. We want to be a part of that process!

Will I receive updates to the Guide as they become available?

Yes. We will update the website, Guide content and Editable Forms to reflect changes in the Guide and in procedures and as the law evolves.

Can I share my Membership of the Guide and Forms?

Your subscription and membership is provided under license for your sole personal use. You can print the Guide for your own personal use and can edit, and print the completed forms for your personal use.

You are not permitted to otherwise share, distribute or use the Guide and, or other website content in digital or other form except for your personal use.

I am not an Expat. How would I benefit from Membership?

Wherever you live, whether young or old an End of Life Plan is an important part of living. With the passage of time, as a person gains a family and acquires assets the importance of that responsibility increases. And it is natural that thoughts turn to our legacy and preserving that for the future. That is what an end of life plan does. So whoever you are and wherever you may live you will benefit by getting started on your personal plan.

The initial focus of this End of Life Guide is towards those living beyond United States and Canada. Many North American retiree's are now living their dreams in Mexico, Panama, Columbia and Ecuador to name a few "foreign" countries. Indeed, the uniqueness of this Guide and the Editable Forms are the features that relate to Civil Law countries of Central and South America.

But, many of these retirees maintain some of their connections in North America - Family, Investment accounts Advisors and Property. It is often recommended that in such cases they also have a Last Will and Testament which is specifically related to their assets in that country.

We have included links that the Member can use to access Websites that provide Digital Applications for preparation of such documents as Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare and Last Will and Testament accepted in Canada and USA.