PORTFOLIO Steps 1-3 and Steps 4-6 give you an overview; "a snap-shot" of the some of the most important subjects covered in the End-of-Life Guide.

In each of the Steps below you will see a glimpse of questions addressed in the material and brief "excerpts" of a few of the many editable documents provided in your Guide.

Your Plan

Step 4 - Financial Information


  • Asset Details Worksheets including Digital Property
  • Liabilities Details Worksheets
  • Miscellaneous Matters

Your Plan

Step 5 - Planning your final Service/ Celebration of Life

  • Requires Thought and Courageous Communication
  • Things So Easily Forgotten
  • Charitable Gifts, Endowments and Trusts

Your Plan

Step 6 - Personal Documents and Family Data


  • Personal Documents
  • Personal and Family History
  • De-cluttering
  • Training the Loved-one You Leave Behind