Our 6 Step Plan is designed to contain everything you need to have peace of mind that your end of life plans are in place...available in the event that you can't make decisions for yourself and that your wishes will be carried out in the event of your death.

Your subscription of just $25.00 gives you the guidance, framework and documents that are necessary to effect your personal plan and register the documents that the law requires.

It's time to make "Your Best Last Gift" to loved-one's who remain.

Yes, it takes time. Yes, it takes thought.
And yes, it requires decisions that are best made after discussion with family and friends.
But if you start now you can avoid.... being too late!


Complete End-of-Life Planning Guide and Editable Documents

Includes more than 120 pages of guidance, instruction and reference material to consider in preparation of your End-of-Life Plan. This Guide is particularly aimed at people living in Ecuador but is generally applicable to anyone living in Civil Law countries of South America.

digital Vault

"Physical" and "Virtual" Storage or Online Digital Vault for Your Document Storage

Protection of your personal information is critically important. When you have uploaded your documents to the "Digital Vault" that information is encrypted using bank-level AES-256 encryption, SSL using 2048-bit certificates and access is permitted only to the persons you appoint...your Surrogates. Your Heathcare Agent(s) and Executor(s).